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One conference. All things Git.

From technical talks to hands-on workshops, developers of all experience levels will find new ways to use and build on Git across a full day of sessions.

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About Git Merge

Git Merge is a one-day conference (with an add-on Workshop Day) dedicated to the version control tool that started it all—and the people who use it every day. Through technical sessions and hands-on workshops, developers and teams of all experience levels will find new ways to use, build on, and scale Git.

This event is dedicated to amplifying new voices in the Git community and to showcasing the most thought-provoking projects from contributors, maintainers and community managers around the world.

All ticket proceeds are donated to the Software Freedom Conservancy.


Git Merge 2020


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Git Merge features sessions on workflows and case studies from people who are pushing Git to the limits. We invite you to share your Git story with the community as a speaker.

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Git Merge is a vendor-neutral event produced by GitHub on behalf of the Git community. Our sponsors are partners in a commitment to educate, inspire, and explore Git.

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