Git Merge 2015

The Conference for the Git Community

April 8th & 9th · Paris, France

Teaching People Git

Emma Jane Hogbin Westby

For over a decade Emma Jane Hogbin Westby has been teaching people how to use version control systems. She has carefully updated her approach over the years based on learner feedback, and adult education best practices. But no matter what enhancements she makes, most people still find Git really freaking hard to learn on their own. In this session you will learn why most approaches to teaching Git fail to appropriately address the adult learner. You will learn how to modify your own approach to teaching Git so that others catch on quicker. Finally, you will explore some of the next steps that might be available to the Git community to help change Git from the inside-out--lowering the bar to entry and making Git a more pleasant experience for everyone who uses it. (Vous pouvez demander vos questions en Fran├žais si vous les demander lentement.)

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